Bones and Baubles

I decided to do  a Skill Challenge No. 18 at Watts Atelier on-line school.  My first one and I am against some pretty amazing  artists. We were required to arrange and photograph a Still Life;   upload  to the student forum and post our progress over a four week period.



First week was working on the composition……….(my collection of skulls)dsc_0043


Second week the lay-in.  Notice how the front plane of the skull is too wide.  I ended up taking a few centimetres out of it……dsc_0043-1


Adding in the mid tone….making decisions of what I want dark or light;  filling in the mid tone  by holding my pencil on its side and rolling the lead down the page.  I am  trying to be disciplined and not go dark to early,  as dark can be impossible to lighten.


Conti pencil on smooth newsprint.     A2


Completed work. ……and no I didn’t win.

Back to the drawing board…….


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