My Mother’s Canna Lily

I was really excited to have a bunch of Coral Gum blossoms to work with.  Went back to take more  photos  but the blossoms had been damaged by rain and were finished,  reminding me of how temporary life is.

My mother and father kept beautiful gardens.  Father had the beds arranged geometrically,  roses ran down the middle with annuals  planted on both sides according to  size/colour,  pansies,  sweet william and alyssum in the middle of the drive…..sweet pea on the trellis with gladiolli in front.   It looked like a park.  Flowers ‘standing to attention’ in lines and according to their height,  one lot finishing, another starting.

In the lawn growing summer season he would mow, weed and trim everyday.  I remember going with him to collect a trailer load of sheep manure from the rail shipment carriages.   It was hot stinking work.  We layered it onto the garden,  only to kill the current crop of pansies.

After Dad died,  the garden became softer,  rounded,  the strict planting formula became random,  Mum created her ‘cottage’ garden.  The huge vegetable patch has been planted  with Cosmo, canna lily, giant sunflowers and  holy hock.  I always return from her house with a plant.  These are her Canna lilies,  the right top with the ‘variegated leaves’ is planted near my pool and became the subject for my work.  (above)


The Canna Lily  measuring  36″x30″ Acrylic paint on canvas








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