Coral Gums

I was cycling  at the Entrance  and couldn’t resist picking a big bunch of coral gums to take home to use as subject matter for a painting or two or three…..


This was the first 36″x 20″ on canvas  using Atelier Interactive Acrylics.



I became a more confident,  and decided to take on something larger   3′ x 4′  canvas.  Not finished…..more work is needed on the back ground and the centre point where the stems meet needs resolving….just love  how red the buds are.



The third,   measuring 3’x 4′ and also needing more work.  I have been writing a list of what needs to done to improve them….

My DFIL has moved from his large family home overlooking the lake at Elizabeth Beach.  He designed and built this beautiful house over twenty years ago,  and I am hoping to give it a holiday feel with a few big and bright canvases.  The lounge room wall is long enough to take three of the 4×3 feet canvases!


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