Cape Three Points

Took my sketch book down to the rocks at North Avoca to watch the sea.  I sat on the rocks looking towards Cape Three Points at Avoca to study the waves.  This drawing measures  approximately 42 x 60 cms and I used Artline drawing pens in two sizes.

Spend about 2 hours at the beach;  1.5 drawing and another 30 minutes looking for my keys in the sand.  Retracted my steps a few times,  found the keys and went to the Avoca Lagoon.


Avoca Lagoon

This drawing is the approximately  42 x 60  cms. using Artline drawing pens.  The large fallen gum tree in the foreground was used for jumping and had a  rope that the kids used to swing out on and let.  Most of the tree  was dragged from the water…this is what remains.  On the far side of the river in the left hand corner is the new rope tree.



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