Welcome to my art journey continuing after a long interval.    I loved CREATING art as a child,   won the odd award and  had my work selected for display in the ‘glass frame” in primary school.  In High School,  I either adored  or hated  my current art teacher… and topped the school in Art, had my major work chosen for Art Express and naturally went onto become a Visual Art Teacher. I taught  for 15 years becoming Head of Visual Arts in my last school,  had a family,  became really busy and now retired.

I am now reclaiming my physical and mental  space for  drawing and painting.   I  have cleaned and set up my old big easel and  a smaller portable one near the outside sliding door in the games room.  I pulled out the old paints,  brushes,  paper  and pencils   reorganising them in the  Chinese cupboard.  My  son uses one of the bedrooms,  a family room and the games room on this floor to entertain his friends;  but  I am going to slowly and resolutely make this my DRAWING ROOM. 

…and all those great pieces of art gear I had almost forgotten. The circle turns again.


One thought on “THE DRAWING ROOM

  1. Jen

    This makes me feel hopeful! All my art stuff is packed away, or lost, or been used to make lego backdrops or fairy houses or just to play with… Don’t get me wrong – I have loved creating all theses things with my children! I think I’m in the ‘really busy stage’ now… But, they are getting older and I can see a day when I might be able to have some time again. Keep drawing and painting!



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